Serving In our church

Serving as a part of being a member of the Eastside Church Family is highly encouraged and vitally important, and there are many ways to serve. 


Deacons are an extension of the long arm of ministry of our Pastors and Staff. Currently there are fifteen active deacons with five deacons rotating off and five rotating on each year. Deacons are called to serve in the following areas of ministry:

  • Deacons serve by ministering to the families that make up the church, giving extra special ministry attention to widows/widowers in the church as well as others with needs.
  • Deacons serve as a Model Leader in the church. 
  • Deacons serve by giving encouragement to the pastor and staff of the church. 
  • Deacons serve by working alongside of the ministers to solve problems that arise in the church. 
  • Deacons serve by overseeing and managing the resources of the church. 

General Officers, Committee Members, and Teachers: 

Each year the Nominating Committee begins in mid to late summer working to fill each and every General Officer, and Teaching position as well as members of numerous Committees. Currently there are greater that 257 officer, teacher, or committee member positions in which members of Eastside serve the church. These opportunities provide many ways to serve the Lord at Eastside. 

In addition to these listed positions of service, there are other ways to be active serving such as volunteering to be a part of a rotation to keep the nursery on Sunday mornings, singing in the choir or in the praise team, helping on church work days or roadside cleanup days. These are just a few of the countless ways you can serve the Lord at Eastside. 

We would love for every member the Eastside Church Family to be active serving.